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Welcome to THE PACT community! Here you will find a variety of information about the documentary and our upcoming schedule of community.

Community Screening Photos
Past Screenings

The 9th Annual Harlem Renaissance Festival

Columbia Park/Kentland Community Center

Landover, MD

Heartland Film Festival 

Indianapolis, IN 46204

AMC Theatres Clearwater

Crossing 12

Indianapolis, IN 46250

Regal Entertainment

Group UA Circle Center 9

Indianapolis, IN 46204

AMC Theatres Greenwood

Park 14

Greenwood, IN 46142

ReelWorld Film Festival

Toronto, Canada

Norwalk Town Hall

Norwalk, CT

Pan African Film Festival

Los Angeles, CA

Traveling World 

Community Film Festival 

Peterborough, Ontario


Reel Black Film Festival 

Philadelphia, PA

Lyndhurst Community

Presbyterian Church

Lyndhurst, OH

The Charles Theatre

Baltimore, MD

Utopia Film Festival

Greenbelt, MD

Hot Spring Documentary Film Festival

Hot Springs, AK

Mount Shasta

International Film Festival 

Mount Shasta, CA

Smith Theater

Howard Community College

Columbia, MD

Brigham & Women's Hospital 

Doxbury, MA

Oakland International Film Festival

Oakland, CA

Langston Hughes African American Film Festival 

Seattle, WA

Cleveland State University

University Center

Cleveland, OH

Urban Film Series 

Landmark's E-Street Cinema

Washington, DC

Twin Cities Black Film Festival

Minneapolis, MN

Lyric Theatre

Miami, FL 

American Black Film Festival

Regal South Beach Cinema 18

Miami Beach, FL

Louisiana State University Program 

Baton Rouge, LA

Boston Area Health Education Center

Boston, MA 

Florida International University 

Upward Bound Program

Miami, FL

Urbanworld VIBE Film Festival

New York, NY

Durban International Film Festival

Durban, South Africa

Boston International Film Festival

Boston, MA

Pasadena City College

Pasadena, CA

Palm Beach International Film Festival

Boca Raton FL

Cleveland International Film Festival

Cleveland, OH

Shout-outs from the Street

"I teach in an inner city elementary school that serves students at the poverty level. I hope that by watching this video, viewers (faculty and students) will see possibilities in our own neighborhood."

   Kelly M. Ward,

   Heritage Elementary School 

"Like the Three Doctors, we see youths in our library every day that are being raised without the guidance of one or both parents and we sadly watch them fall victim to the streets. As we watched the expressions on the faces of the teens as we discussed the book and watched the movie, we were hopeful that the "gift" from the Three Doctors was received and the young adults realized that they had choices could reclaim a meaningful, successful, and happy life despite the mistakes made in the past."

   Debra Cahill and Virginia Wright,

   Tuscarawas County Public Library 

"Thank you for the opportunity to view the documentary, The Pact. The Pact movie and book are gripping, courageous, and inspiring. They are a powerful message of hope. Our boys are adjudicated youth from North and Southwest Philadelphia. The boys related to both the book and the movie. I hope you can pass the word along because it really helps today's youth to have a positive message of hope and survival."

   Geraldine Orlando,

   Teacher, De La Salle Vocational School 

"I showed my students The Pact as a surprise, and I will never forget the expressions on their faces when they saw the three doctors and their families. Their faces showed that they finally realized "this is real." And if the doctors are real to them, so are their accomplishments, their strength and their message of hope. That to me was the film's source of power. It validated the experience because to them, if they read it, it might be true, but if they see it, it MUST be true."

   Tania C. Lopez

   Florida International University

"We loved it, and the kids really responded in a positive way. Those that are open to change were the ones who were most impressed. I would say it was over 60%, which I find really good because of the length of the film. Remember this is the instant gratification and video game generation whose attention span is lacking."

   Patsy Scates

   Louisiana State Youth Opportunities Unlimited

"The documentary contained things that teenagers would relate to and it inspires the urban youth to pursue their goals."


   Age: 15

"It showed me that I can come from nothing to something; it was a great influence."


   Age: 17

"It's heartwarming...I think of it like "Hoop Dreams," but with a good ending. "Hoop Dreams" was a tragedy, but this is a success story, where you se that the will of the individual really can overcome any odds. It's just three kids saying, "We are going to become black doctors." And they make it!"

   Stacy Spikes

   Urbanworld Film Festival

"I see The PACT as a love letter to the triumph of human spirit."

   Luis Portillo

"It has really challenged me to do more to help kids realize that they are limited only by bounds placed on them by themselves."

   Lisa King, MD

   Age: 40

"It made me want to work even harder towards my goals. It made me realize how much potential I have and how I can also make a difference."

   Erica Austin

   Age: 17

"This piece was uplifting, motivating, and refreshing. I've heard the Doctors' story before, but I was glad that I had the opportunity to expose my 12-year-old to this story."

   Jarvis Cooper

   Age: 35

"I feel like if I stick to what I want to do, I can do anything."

   Nathan Williams

   Age: 12

"The point of the film was to encourage people to dream big and understand that your circumstances don't define what you are capable (of). The film dis inspire me because it shows that people my age do have the willpower to rise above our expectations." 

   Kirena Wormley

   Age: 14

"Your background does not determine your outcome. Dedication, discipline, and goals in combination with prayer will help you reach your goals. Overall, the film is inspiring. The Three Doctors are positive role models for young people and adults alike."

   Sharon Lane

   Age: 40 

Share your story about a pact you made in your life!  We love to share these stories with our community!

We also held a Make Your Own Pact Essay Contest!  Please enjoy these essays from the winners!

  • First Place - Ashley Ronchi, Superior Senior High School

                   Click icon to read (pdf)

  • Second Place - Ashley Tennison and NaTasha Drummond, Superior Senior High School

                    Click icon to read (pdf)

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