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Commentary and Coverage
THE PACT Press Kit

Click here for a special Behind-the-Scenes commentary, a surprising and lively account on the making of The PACT




KLOR Interview with Director Andrea during the Cleveland International Film Festival. Click the play button to listen.

Click here to read the Video Librarian's Review of THE PACT! 

Click here to read Kam Williams PBS-TV Review of THE PACT! 

Click here to read the DVD review of THE PACT on DVD Talk!

We want to hear what you think of the film!  Please share your review on the sites below:

Please download the electronic press kit files which contain contact information, credits, cast and crew bios, photos, and other pertinent information. Click on the links below to download. 

Behind the Scenes (pdf)

Key Crew Biographies (pdf)

Loglines and Synopsis (pdf)

Viewers Comments (pdf)

The Pact Outreach Campaign (pdf)

The Pact Two-Pager (pdf)

The Three Doctors Biographies (pdf)

Press Kit Photos (jpegs)

The Doctor's Three D's for Success (pdf)

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