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About The Pact Educational Outreach Program

In 2017, together with Maryland and Virginia juvenile justice educators, Spark Media created an experience where incarcerated youth watch The Pact, learn, role play, and set challenges to make their own pacts. The kids loved it, so we’ve expanded it into a materials-rich “toolkit.” In The Pact film and the doctors’ memoir of the same name, people who dealt with similar challenges communicate to kids—in language they can relate to—how making a pact can foster strong identity-forging and life success in ways that gangs and other dangerous choices never can. Created by teachers who understand the troubled youth they’re addressing, the kit reaches these kids like nothing else. “I see myself in those kids,” says Dr. Davis, “and they see themselves in me.”


Staff in Maryland and nine Virginia facilities are testing the toolkit, composed of The Pact, lesson plan, student materials, poster, and the doctors’ memoir. These people aren’t jailers; they’re social workers, teachers, therapists, and managers hungry for solutions that kids in crisis will tune into. They say the film, role-play, and other activities reach kids in a way their regular curriculum just doesn’t. 


“…I love how medium of film gets the message across to my students…I highly recommend The Pact to teachers looking to engage their students in character education." Virginia Teacher

We want to reach as many at-risk youth at the country’s 1800+ facilities as possible. Our vision is that all kids who could benefit from the mechanism of a pact could be introduced to it at any facility that offers educational programming, including middle and secondary schools and community centers. 

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